Lots Blue Bay Golf& Beach Resort

Lots Blue Bay Golf& Beach Resort
ANG 169.000
March 13, 2017

Build your own villa on one of the beautiful lots at the Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort          .


Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort

Blue Bay Curaçao Golf & Beach Resort is located in a less than 10 minutes drive from the airport and close to the city center of Willemstad. The resort possesses one of the most beautiful and natural beaches of Curaçao. The 18 holes golf course covers a large area of the resort, making living here extremely green and comfortable. From golf and tennis to diving, jogging or going to the gym. The resort has a 24/7 security service. In case you want to enjoy some culinary food, you can find it at the beach: from a simple snack at the beach bar to some fine cuisine in the restaurant, both with a splendid sunset in the background.


Lots in various sections varying in size, location and price (starting from USD 95,000 b.c.)

Would you like to construct your own house? There are plenty of lots for sale in the resort. Various sections are already sold out, either partly or entirely, but the following lots are still available. (you will find the location of the various sections in the resort on the master plan, see photos)

For more information about the following lots, get in touch with: Harry van Sambeeck, E-mail: harry@caresto-tophouses.com or Tel: 00 5999 511 5947

On request we will sent you the pricelist of all lots!

D-section lots
This is one of the last developed sections at the resort. The lots are within walking distance of the beach. About half of the 73 lots have already been sold. The lots range from about 900 m2 to 1300 m2.
* Prices starting from USD 95.000 b.c.

J-section lots
The J section is situated in a cul-de-sac, a quiet location but very central in the resort. The lots are surrounded by the golf holes. The resort’s central reception, golf club house and tennis court are within walking distance. For this section, also the Alabtros villas are designed, which can be build turn key by Blue Bay.
* Prices starting from USD 128.000 b.c.

K-section lots
The K section is close to the resort entrance. Most lots have been sold, but some lots are still available. These lots are larger, starting from 1250 m2. The resort’s central reception, golf club house and tennis court are within walking distance.
* Prices starting from USD 111.250 b.c.

O-section lots
The O section is similar to the K section close to the resort entrance. The surface of the lots varies, starting from 1340 m2. There are still about eight lots for sale, some of which are located directly to the golf course.
* Prices starting from USD 120.600 b.c.

P-section lots
The most recently developed section of the resort is the P section. These lots have beautiful sea or golf course views. The beach is a few minutes walk away. Interesting for these lots is that you can also rent the villa you build for short term. This is not permitted in the other sections of the resort. There are only a few lots for sale.
* Prices starting from USD 110.000 b.c.

R-section lots
The R section is central located in the resort and within walking distance of the beach. There are still 4 large lots for sale, starting from 1366 m2.
* Prices starting from USD 148.266 b.c.

T-section lots
The T section is situated on a hill and is perhaps the most beautiful section in the resort. Most lots have been sold. Some lots are still available for sale with surfaces from 1250 to 1600 m2.
* Prices starting from USD 195.000 b.c.

Q-section Seafront lots
The current hole 18 is being developed into 9 splendid lots with lot sizes varying from 3.000 to 4.400m2. All lots are located directly at the sea and have an area of 40 to 70 meters that borders directly to the sea.
* Prices starting from USD 905.000 b.c.

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