Jan Sofat North 29

Jan Sofat North 29
ANG 2.101.875
Living Area: 350 m²
January 26, 2018
 A spacious and modern apartment complex located on the secured resort of Jan Sofat.

The apartment complex consists of six different apartments. Five apartments have an open living room and kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The sixth apartment has a spacious open kitchen, a large living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. There are a total of six apartments and a studio on the apartment complex. The apartment complex has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms.
Some general features of the apartment complex are: – All apartments have a safe;
  • Free internet and equipped with WLAN;
  • TV is present in apartment pelican;
  • Apartment pelican is fully furnished;
  • The apartments are suitable for the elderly, children and the disabled;
  • The apartments are all an allergy-free environment;
  • All apartments have access to the swimming pool;
  • The apartments have a barbecue and a private terrace.Every terrace has a table and two to four chairs;
  • There are 10 deckchairs for all the apartments.

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